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Portfolio of career highlights by Oliver Lloyd.

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LTA x Melody Mover

May 2024 - Present

LTA partnered with private distribution service, Melody Mover, on an exclusive basis. During this partnership, No Cash Refund's streams increased by 3300%. Our artists continued to land editorial and private playlists. 

LTA x Cre8ting Vision

April 2024

Pitched LTA artist roster to recored labels in partnership with Cre8ting Visions A&R focus groups. 

Record labels included EMI, Virgin, Tileyard, AWAL & 5K Records. 

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EMPTY CUP - No Cash Refunds 

April 2024

Single released through LTA. Music video was co-ordinated and marketing campaign was run by LTA. Within the first month of release the single reached 10,000 streams.

Don't Think Twice - No Cash Refunds

June 2024

Single released through LTA. We ran the marketing campaign and co-ordinated music video.  The single was played on BBC Radio 6 by Craig Charles and landed in playlists such as Notion Magazine and Spotifys Good Morning Playlist.

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Nepo Baby - Freddy Gillmore

July 2024

Single release. Social Media marketing campaign co-ordinated. Leveraged network to land media coverage and playlists. 

LTA x Electrical Nights

March 2024

LTA booked multiple artists in partnership with Electrical Nights event in Guildfords Electric Theatre. Sold out show. 

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LTA x Shy Cat

June 2024

Shy Cat, a private media and press agency, landed radio plays and media coverage for LTA artists. 

LTA x In The Loop

March 2024

Mentorship and masterclass programme, enriching LTA's network. 

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LTA Magazine

October 2023

In house magazine showcasing upcoming talent and their new projects. 

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