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No Cash Refunds

No Cash Refunds

No Cash Refunds

Song Review - 'bubblegum gf'

Words: Harry Hammond

Charlie Newton by day,  daydream pop wizard No Cash Refunds by night, if you are a fan of Arlo Parks or Easy Life (or just a human being), bubblegum gf is bound to bob your head whether you like it or not. With a release date on Friday the 15th of December, I would certainly count myself as one of the lucky few to have the ability to listen to this track early.


Grimsby’s finest No Cash Refunds’ track ‘bubblegum gf’ is stuffed to the point of bursting with lo-fi indie-pop swagger. With it’s catchy chorus and stylistically janky chords, It's clear to see the Easy Life inspirations in this track. However, what they put down, No Cash Refunds runs with,  creating a daydream-esque bedroom pop gem that will keep you moving and grooving throughout its two minute and 57 second duration.  Charlie’s effortless vocal delivery steals the show as he changes smoothly and cleanly between rapping and singing throughout ‘bubblegum gf’. Showcasing his strong vocal technique and confidence in his ability and stylistic choices.  


I think No Cash Refunds sums up my thoughts about this track with the line “I just can’t pretend that I do not like you my bubblegum girlfriend”.  While this track isn’t really something I would usually gravitate towards, I just cannot turn it off, which is perhaps the best compliment I can give to it.  With unnamed singles waiting in the wings, I would implore you to give No Cash Refunds a listen, or at the very least see him perform at Solar Sisters in Guildford on 8th December.  If he keeps producing tracks like this, No Cash Refunds is most definitely in for an easy life. 



"To be so young and musically diverse is remarkable. He will shape a generation of musicians" - Jun Amaya

"I have him on repeat" - Anne Booker

"I'm going to be that friend that does't stop saying that I knew him before he was famous" - Mark Reyes

"He is one to watch" - Jess Whitlock

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